Philosopher. Founder of WIP Publishing & PAGE DAO. Author of Formal Dialectics and Bring Back Satire.


The goal of the publishing process is to help authors make money from their written work — it sure isn’t doing a good job, lately, is it?

Hey everyone! I’ve been absent for awhile, and I want to start writing again! It has been remarkable to join a community of other writers from around the internet and the world to create a startup company capable of taking on the largest players in our industry. None of this…

Y’all, things are about to pop off hard. We’ve been discovering very talented writers we know you’ll love.

Image generated in WIP Publishing Discord Server. Original image from Unsplash, by kimberlyfarmer.

It is with great joy that I write to you at the tail end of Halloween night. Halloween this year was extra special, because María Verde led a PAGE DAO team including myself and a handful of others to a successful NFTBook launch, a mere two weeks after the idea…


A sneak peek at a philosophy piece for the Rare Pizzas Book, upcoming.

Image generated by WIP Publishing Discord Bot; original photo by @aznbokchoy at Unsplash

Blockchain technology has already had an easily detectable impact upon the global economy. People are getting excited about a new internet dubbed Web3.0. With values that hearken back to the golden age of FOSS (Free, Open Source Software) and a global technical community insulated from economic need by cryptographic currencies…

Finally, a bit of interoperability gets up and running — TLDR; it’s amazing.

Osmosis made history on June 18, 2021, by launching a massively inflationary token in an extremely creative way. 1,000,000,000 $OSMO tokens will become available over the next 10 years after a quadratic fairdrop distributed the first massive chunk of them to the community for free. I highly recommend starting here

Thomas Dylan Daniel

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