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Philosopher. Author of Formal Dialectics and Bring Back Satire. Editor and founder of Serious Philosophy


The goal of the publishing process is to help authors make money from their written work — it sure isn’t doing a good job, lately, is it?

Hey everyone! I’ve been absent for awhile, and I want to start writing again! It has been remarkable to join a community of other writers from around the internet and the world to create a startup company capable of taking on the largest players in our industry. None of this would be possible without the open-source ethics and purity of heart displayed by industry insiders and cynics alike when the values we collectively aim to manifest come up in conversation. …


Thomas Dylan Daniel reflects on the history of Formal Dialectics and looks to the future.

It’s hard to believe two years are all the time that has passed since Formal Dialectics was released at the end of 2018. Authoritarianism, an out-of-control pandemic, and continuous misadventures by top officials in government have characterized the past period in our shared political history and the time has dragged by as we collectively suffered for these mistakes by our political elite.

My reason for investing so much time into the creation of Formal Dialectics was that it seemed philosophy could be used to improve decision-making at the highest levels; it appears the world is not yet ready to engage…

hey @Timothy! I've also written a few NFT + Book articles, feel free to scope out my profile or find my project on Twitter @wippublishing (we have a medium too, same name WIP Publishing)! Bringing books to the blockchain AT SCALE! :) Feel free to shoot me a DM if you'd like to connect!!!

LIVE: NFTBook Alpha (a striking new layout). ALSO LIVE: NFTBook Bazaar Alpha (an automated platform to create & trade NFTBooks).

Greetings WIPPersnappers! It’s another lovely day in the land of blockchain, as we announce not one, but TWO! major technical milestones have been reached. We have the beautiful new NFTBook Alpha layout to iteratively develop and roll out to ALL existing NFTBooks, and we also have the automated NFTBook Bazaar to facilitate NFTBook creation and trading.

NOW LIVE: NFTBook Alpha (a striking new layout).

ALSO LIVE: NFTBook Bazaar Alpha (an automated platform to create & trade NFTBooks).


2 weeks later, not much has changed.

I spent last evening listening to an event on Twitter featuring Bitcoiners from all over the world speaking with one another in quite a conversational way. It was my plan to sit down and spend the time writing out some thoughts on geopolitics, as the Russian declaration that it was moving away from the US Dollar made its ripples in recently-sideways crypto markets. Like the rest of the longs, I’ve been patiently waiting for this consolidation period to end so that a return to the dopamine rush of endless new all-time highs can occur. …

Look, let’s just say it straight out: the past week has been a VERY rough week for crypto markets everywhere.

More than $1T was wiped out, and nobody is happy about it. However, as fellow Cryptowriter Sylvain Saurel might say, it’s best to remember that there’s a silver lining to every cloud! Don’t forget to buy the fear.

The fundamentals of the massive appeal of cryptocurrency haven’t changed. However, a few other things have. …


The new decentralized writing platform from WIPP delivers big content. Yes, there’s a whole book in there. Here’s how it works.

The Millennial Mentality, by Elan M. Carson, available via Polygon at OpenSea.

NFTs are taking the market by storm. From $385M in total market cap at the end of 2020, we’re up to a total of $22B in total NFT value and it shows no signs of slowing down. Beeple sold an NFT for $69M at the Christie’s Auction earlier this year, and even companies like Cryptowriter are getting into the mix with collectible art projects that fans simply love. The Rare Pizzas project is creating art that buys people pizza, and yes, why not? …


How best for authors to package and deploy their content across different platforms?

Photo credit to fabio on Unsplash

Fittingly, the article which inspired this one has been deleted from the internet. It is possible that this artifact has been preserved by reposting to another site, and I could potentially learn the answer to this question by solving this problem in a rudimentary way (by Googling, to be specific) that would be likely to return results but not completely effectively as I do not remember the title of the article which I read several months ago.

In this article (as far as I recall, it has been awhile since I read it!), Daniel Larimer discusses the problem of cross-platform…


The Wild, The Game-changing, And The Successful

It has been awhile since I wrote anything! I’ve been quite busy, in my defense. This article will cover a few remarkable projects that probably wouldn’t have happened without the technology that powers NFTs.

First of all, the main reason I’ve been absent lately: WIP (Work In Progress) Publishing has launched! I am happy to report that I have special plans for this piece that won’t become apparent until the various online outlets have had custody of it for a little while, so stay tuned! The projects we’ll cover in this article involve the Choose Your Own Adventure NFT Series…


We’re here for the pizza.

Hay Pies!

Welcome to the PizzaDAO Medium account. We have one common belief: Pizza shud b free.

This publication is intended to showcase and celebrate pizza. Articles found here may range from the rarest pizza in the world to the nature of cryptocurrency, degen art, or even cutting-edge DeFi strategies. The Rare Pizzas Bitcoin Pizza Party on May 22, 2021 will break new ground for art projects everywhere by providing people a template to modify economies that exist in the real world…. as part of an art project. …

Thomas Dylan Daniel

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