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Hey everyone, light post today. I’m sharing my reading list to inspire others who are looking for good reads this quarantine season. Happy to hear what others are reading as well!

Books Read: 2020

  1. The Whistler (John Grisham)
  2. Rethinking language, mind, and meaning (Scott Soames)
  3. The 18th abduction (James Patterson)
  4. 10 arguments for Deleting All of your Social Media Accounts Right Now (Jaron Lanier)
  5. The Fallen (David Baldacci)
  6. The Rooster Bar (John Grisham)
  7. The rogue lawyer (John Grisham)
  8. The fix (David Baldacci)
  9. Consciousness and the acquisition of language (Maurice merleau-ponty)
  10. Look alive twenty five (Janet evanovich)
  11. The big kahuna (Janet evanovich)
  12. Divergent (Veronica Roth)
  13. Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children (ransom Riggs)
  14. The $100 startup
  15. Endgame (David Baldacci)
  16. Hillbilly Elegy
  17. This is Pleasure (Mary Gaitskill)
  18. The Athena protocol (shamim sarif)
  19. Lost and Found (Orson Scott Card)
  20. The 100th Monkey (Ken Keyes Jr.)
  21. Astrophysics for people in a hurry (NDGT)
  22. The reckoning (John Grisham)
  23. A hat full of sky (terry pratchett)
  24. The carpet people (terry Pratchett)
  25. The world of poo (terry Pratchett)
  26. The witch’s vacuum cleaner (terry Pratchett)
  27. Dragons at crumbling castle (terry Pratchett)
  28. The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents (terry Pratchett)
  29. The shepherd’s crown (terry Pratchett)
  30. As lie is to grin (Simeon Marsalis)
  31. Darkansas
  32. Consider this. (Chuck Palahniuk)
  33. Everything is fucked (Mark Manson)
  34. The plague (Albert Camus)
  35. Eat to beat disease (William Li)
  36. The sailor who fell from grace with the sea
  37. Albert Camus: a biography (lottman)
  38. The nature of space and time (hawking)
  39. You are not a gadget (Jaron Lanier)
  40. Mrs. Dalloway (Virginia Woolf)
  41. existentialism is a humanism (Sartre)
  42. The second sex (de Beauvoir)
  43. The myth of sisyphus (Camus)
  44. The stranger (Camus)
  45. Lifespan
  46. An Ethics For Today (Richard Rorty)
  47. Ethics of Ambiguity (de Beauvoir)

I’d also be happy to suggest my own books!

Bring Back Satire is a lighter philosophy book about happiness. Find more info here:

Formal Dialectics is a deep dive into how language and thought work together to shape our rationality.

And last but certainly not least, Further From Home is a collection of short stories that are light on their own but form an interesting collection of deeper thoughts when taken together.

Happy reading, and stay safe out there.

Written by

Philosopher. Author of Formal Dialectics and Bring Back Satire. Editor and founder of Serious Philosophy

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